Porkchop Express, The Other White Guys

This was the subject line of an email I received from a dear friend, who also happens to have his own band. Message below:

Hey There,

Porkchop Express will be performing a special Mother’s Day Night Show on Sunday, May 11th at the greatest bar to ever grace the Heart of the Mission, Doc’s Clock.

We’ve learned no less than two, yes TWO, whole songs about mothers and seamlessly incorporated them into our already wholesome repertoire.

Elizabeth, the greatest bartender to ever grace the Heart of the Mission, has told us that we have to turn down our phenomenal sound just a bit, so we will rock you more like a tropical storm than a hurricane, but rocked you shall still be. (Normally the boys of PCE don’t take kindly to suggestions towards their dynamite sound, but the hand that holds the whiskey bottle also holds our hearts, so Elizabeth’s word is gospel).

Doc’s Clock

On Mission St. Between 21st and 22nd

Sunday, May 11th at 9pm or so

The show is FREE.

The whiskey is not.

We like mothers.



Porkchop Express

How could I *not* attend? If you’re in the Bay Area, stop by. It’s sure to be an entertaining time.

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