Today was TOKTW day, more commonly know by its name, not its acronym, Take Our Kids to Work Day. As explained in the email that was distributed, “kids” did not have to be your own blood children. They could be nieces, nephews, younger siblings, grandchildren, friends. Pretty much anyone that you were on a first name basis who was between the ages of 9 and 15. I invited my godson to come to work with me. He was ecstatic.

We BARTed to work together, quite seriously discussing what JR Rowling’s motivation for the next Harry Potter book is – a true story, or is she in it for the money? George is convinced that at this point she’s merely writing for the money. He presented a good argument, especially considering he’s nine years old.

Once at the office we meandered through the maze of cubicles until we got to mine. I showed him where he could hang his coat and place his backpack in my quite cozy cube. I began busying myself with booting up my computer.

I turned around suddenly when I heard George exclaim, “Wow! Nouna, this is really cool!”

What’s that, George?

“Your office is so big. You’re really lucky.”

I glanced around. My cubicle had been elevated to office status. And large. This was going to be a fun day…

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