One of These

From afar, it almost appeared to be a military exercise in progress. A single file line, legs marching in perfect unison, arms swinging, left arm forward, right arm forward, left arm forward, perfectly bent at 90 degree angles. The participants were a motley crew led by a free-flowing, long haired, new age, middle aged woman. Behind her followed disciples of all ages from all walks of life: an elderly woman comfortable in her frayed sweatsuit, an upright business man appearing somewhat constrained in his three piece suit, a tattooed young woman toting a colorful yoga mat. All were chanting as one, jumbled words I couldn’t quite understand. It wasn’t a protest, but a meditation, a declaration of love for the universe. I watched with fascination as this line passed by me, my attention snagged by the penultimate character. A balding Asian grandfather sporting practical khakis and a cardigan, hunched over his cell phone, text messaging as he marched along.

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