Destination Unknown

I hurried into the domestic terminal, not sure if 90 minutes would really be enough time to clear security. The first thing I saw were lines and lines and lines of people, people of all ages, snaking back and forth, in and out among the cordoned lanes. Oh, fric, I thought to myself. This was my first business trip with my new job. I wanted there to be no snafus, no delays, no unexpected obstacles. I looked at the wall – the masses of people were in the Hawaiian Airlines line. Okay, that’s not my airline. Northwest, Northwest, Northwest, where are you? I continued walking the terminal; I came to the Northwest counter. There was no one in line. Was it open? There seemed to be agents at the counter. I asked a red vested customer service agent which counter to go to for the 8:40 am flight to Minneapolis. “Take your pick.” Hmmm. Guess there’s not a high demand for flights to Minneapolis in the middle of March. Go figure.

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