I noticed him as I walked up the street. I noticed the attention he gave to each customer as he helped them into the airport shuttle. I was surprised, quite taken aback, as I walked past and he turned his attentiveness from them to me. “Hi, my name’s Scott. And you?” and he extended his hand. I, instinctively, offered my hand. “Lori. Nice to meet you.” With his white glove he pulled my hand to his full lips and planted a kiss ever so firmly, ever so lightly, on the back of my hand. “Do you work near here? I’ve noticed you walking by several times.” I started to offer that I lived right around the corner, but thought better of it. “No, I don’t,” I replied with an ever so slight smile. Once again, he pulled my hand to his lips. “It’s a pleasure. I hope to see you again soon.” I continued my long, brisk strides, back to my apartment.

I was tempted to turn around. To see if he was offering his hand to the next woman who passed by. Instead I just kept walking forward, a smile on my face.

How could he have recognized me? I don’t walk past there regularly. And I don’t think I’ve seen him. I should just accept it for what it was. Charming.

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