He Said, She Said

Her voice was becoming more and more tense, it becoming more difficult to control the emotions which were about to burst forth.

I’m an eavesdropper. I love to listen to others’ conversations. On the bus, at work, at parties. Not so much because I’m intricately involved in others’ lives, but because I’m curious. I love to observe how people interact, what they will do next. Today was a banner day.

Her daughter just had her 12th birthday. The pre-teen years. Turmoil.

A message was left on my co-worker’s voice mail. The mother of the daughter’s best friend. It seems that someone had signed on to her daughter’s AIM account, pretending to be her daughter, instant messaging the cute boy at school. “Not to be accusing your daughter, but the last place my daughter signed onto her AIM account was at your house, when they had the slumber party on Friday night.” Sounds like an accusation to me.

My co-worker didn’t know what to do. A pow wow was held amongst the cubicles. Unanimous decision – talk to your daughter first. Ask her outright – did she do this? Did she pretend to be her friend and chat with this cute boy at school, typing in those fateful words, “I like you more than any other boy I’ve ever liked before…”

She did. And the daughter said she didn’t do it. That another friend did it. Another friend at the slumber party. The mom, my co-worker, gave her the “how would you feel if someone signed on with your ID and said things to someone you liked” speech. The daughter didn’t break. She insisted it wasn’t her.

But it gets better. Evidently the way all this was discovered was that the cute boy approached the girl who allegedly sent the instant message (but who didn’t), saying that it was his *dad,* not him, that was online at the time, pretending to be him to find out what girls were stalking his son.

Too much time on their hands in the suburbs…

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