Day Planner

When I started at my new job, the office admin scheduled an appointment with me to order office supplies. My first thought was, “So this is what it feels like to work at a profitable company. You actually get office supplies.” I couldn’t really think of anything I needed outside of the standard: a few pens, a couple of pencils, a stapler, some Post It notes. She encouraged me to order a day planner, the type from Franklin Covey in which you rank your daily tasks and make lots of to do lists. I’ve never used one. The past few years I’ve been a Palm Pilot gal, and before that I entered all important dates on a paper pocket calendar, the kind that card shops used to offer as a complimentary gift.

I protested, but she persevered. I ordered the day planner.

I’ve worked there a month now. While in a meeting today I realized I have indeed used my expensive, leather bound day planner. Not so much for its intended purpose, but for the tiny puzzles and bits of trivia that adorn every page. The word jumbles and pictoquests are great; I look forward to a new one each morning. I’m so going to have an advantage in my next match of Scrabble.

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