And Why Am I Here Again?

I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea. I mean, one of the main reasons I moved from the south was the hot, humid summer days that made me wilt as soon as I encountered one.

Yet here I was, in my first bikram yoga class, attending with my neighbor. I’ve heard her exaggerate the benefits for weeks. As I walked into the room, the temperature hovered in the high 90s. By the end of the breathing exercises, during which the teacher encouraged us *not* to drink water, it was at least 100. Well into the main postures and poses I was battling breathing in the 108 degree room, all windows shut.

The teacher saw me put my head in between my knees, challenging the dizziness that attacked me from every direction. “First timers, you may feel dizzy or nauseous, but that’s to be expected. Just remember, everyone in this room felt that way at one time and got through it.” I glanced up at the 40 funky, sweaty bodies surrounding me. I was startled by the haggard, perspiring reflection staring back at me from the mirror. I coaxed my stomach back to its proper place from the temporary position it occupied in my throat. And this is fitness?

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