Almost There…

Maybe it’s the start of a new year. Or maybe it’s because I’ve suddenly become (more) neurotic. For some reason, the thought of growing older preoccupies my thoughts. I can truthfully say this has never happened before. I’ve been the one to really look forward to birthdays – another year older, another year wiser. But lately…

I’ve noticed I need more sleep than I used to. For a while there I functioned, quite well, on four to five hours per night. Now I need a solid eight. My joints creak when I rouse from the bed in the morning.

I ran to the Golden Gate Bridge the other day, probably six or seven miles round trip. My knees hurt afterwards. It took me two days to recover.

Last year Emmy and I took an on-line questionnaire, the “Real Age” test. Amazingly, our “real ages” were 11 years less than our chronological ages, probably due to our diets, our exercise habits, we wear our seat belts, etc. We took the test again last week. In one chronological year, we aged eight “real years.” Oy.

The worst, though, was when I was walking to work. I passed by a Ross department store. In the window there was a sign that said, “Tuesdays, Senior Citizen Discount. 10% off 55 and older.” The realization struck me like a bolt of lighting, making every hair on my body stand on end. Oh, my god. I am so much closer to being a Senior Citizen than not. By far.

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