Hello, .blog!

I’m excited that my website has a new url (look up there ^): lori.blog. There’s a nice symmetry to that: four letters dot four letters.

If you want your own .blog domain: get them while they’re hot. You can go to get.blog (Automattic’s registrar), or any of the 100s of other registrars that are selling the domain.

Benvenuti a Roma

I landed, dropped my bag off at my hotel, and walked across town to meet my co-worker Sara who was hosting a local WordPress meetup. It was great to see a friendly face within a couple of hours of landing. Afterwards she and her friend Katie introduced me to my first taste of Italian sweets. They even gave us a small cup of almond milk to wash it down. Delicious!

Sara and sweets

I wandered for the rest of the day. I meandered through Trastevere, gazed in amazement at the Pantheon, then finally made my way to Trevi Fountain. I sat by the fountain, somewhat in awe that I’m really in Italy. As the sun blazed down, I welcomed the splashes from the fountain. Before leaving, I did what all good tourists do. I turned my back on the fountain and tossed in a coin, making a wish. I laughed as I did so, because for something that’s so trite, it brought me so much joy.