Best of Rome

Finally posting pictures from an incredible two weeks in Italy…

La Dolce Vita

I still can’t quite believe that in four days (4!) I’ll be on a plane to Italy. For the first time. I’m beyond excited about the possibility of pasta, wine, bike riding, cooking classes, reading and relaxing for two weeks.

Life has been busy lately. Tonight I started looking at accommodations for my trip. When perusing a website for a hotel in Rome that a friend recommended, I received this message in a pop up window:

Booking directly through our website, internet is FREE for all room tipology choosen!!

Upon first reading, I thought it meant tipping is included with internet bookings. After a few more times of reading it, I think it means you get free internet with any type of room. No matter. Viva, Italia!

Returning to the Land of Oz

I’m en route to Australia after a 21 year gap. My initial time in Australia contributed to my never-ending sense of adventure and created friendships that last until now.

I reflect on my initial journey, somewhat with amazement. The year was 1989 and I journeyed to Australia as an exchange student. As students, we were excited because a new technology called “facsimile” had been introduced. We could write a letter, send it over the fax machine, and the recipient would receive it almost instantaneously. Amazing!

I think about how I’m traveling now. I carry a laptop computer that weighs less than many of my hardback books. Email, Skype, and video chats are how I conduct virtually all of my daily communication. I have cell phones that have more RAM than my first computer. Converting local time to a dozen time zones around the world comes naturally.

The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is my excitement about journeying to a  new place, even if it’s new again after 21 years.