A Visit to Petrin Hill (the Eiffel Tower of Prague)

When I arrived, my airbnb host, Dragan, pointed to a structure on the hill across the way. “That is the Eiffel Tower of Prague,” he said. “You can climb to the top and see a beautiful view.”

So, we did. This climb was 299 steps to the top, but the turning diameter wasn’t quite as tight as the South Tower, which prevented on onslaught of dizziness. The view from the top was spectacular. Even though it was a hazy day, you could see across the city, spires and turrets dotting the skyline.

And on the way out of the park, we passed a Magical Cavern! I didn’t get too close to discover what made it magical. I’m guessing trolls and such.

Walking through brightly colored fallen leaves makes me happy.