For some reason (which I can’t remember now) I decided I wouldn’t use Chrome when it first came out. Maybe it was all the complaining I heard from co-workers and friends when they installed it. I’m not sure.

Recently, a co-worker, Cami, convinced me to install Chrome (some security bug prevented me from using Safari) and introduced me to a plugin called Momentum. It is a small thing that makes me so happy each day. Momentum is a plug-in for Chrome. Once installed, when you open a new tab, you see a stunning landscape (natural or urban) and can enter your main focus for the day. The same landscape appears over a 24 hour period. There are certain landscapes that are my favorites: storm clouds looming over the mountains, a crystal clear blue lagoon, waterfalls among the rainforest. I never know what I’ll get when I open a new tab, and I love the element of surprise for the day. Often, I’ll open a new tab and just keep it open (not visit any other sites) in order to always be able to reference that beauty throughout the day.