Flying the Friendly Skies

Today’s prompt:

What was your favorite toy as a child?

I was five years old when Santa brought me Barbie’s Friend Ship plane. My first real flight wouldn’t come for two years later, but I loved imagining flying the friendly skies. I carried the plane with me everywhere. To school, back home, to friends’ houses. I loved imagining where Barbie was flying to, which sparked my love of globes and maps. I made up elaborate stories about where she was going to and what she was doing.

Not necessarily a toy, but my favorite pastime was reading. In the winter I would curl up on our couch, in front of our wood stove, and read from dawn until dusk. In the summer I would find a place in the grass, and do the same. My favorite thing was to finish a book in one sitting. I remember finishing Jane Eyre during a power outage, during a winter snowstorm, reading by sunlight then candlelight.

I eventually was able to fly on real planes, and engage in real adventures, far better than what I had imagined when I was five. But my favorite pastime is still reading a complete book in one day, curled up on the couch.

A Row of One’s Own

I surprised myself in an “Oh, my goodness, I didn’t think I was that type of person,” sort of way.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

We had boarded. The flight was not full. The exit rows in front of me had only one of the six seats occupied. The flight attendant asked if anyone would like to move to the exit rows. The two people next to me got up and moved to the exit row in front of me. I felt a moment of exultation. A whole row to myself on a cross-country five-hour flight. Oh, Merry Christmas to me. Space, space, I love space!

Two people in the row behind me got up as well. The man headed towards the other empty row of exit row seats. The woman paused, eyeing the recently vacated seats beside me. I looked at her and pointed to the exit row seats, “I think you want to sit there.” Stating it not as a suggestion, but as a directive.

She took my advice and they settled into the exit row. I didn’t realize I was so territorial. But am so enjoying my row of seats all to myself.